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Youth Leadership

Let no one look down on your youthfulness,
but rather in speech, conduct, love, faith and purity,
show yourself an example of those who believe. 

(1 Timothy 4:12)(NAS)

Coordinator: Trevor Black

Key Statistics in 2015

  • The following people also served in Youth Ministry:
  • Lauren Anderson – Small Group Leader, Driver
  • Hannah Ferrante – Small Group Leader
  • Neil Hansberger – Kitchen Coordinator
  • Amanda Hansberger – Small Group Leader
  • Pete Hart – Youth Mission Leader, Supplier of Equipment
  • David Lathrop – Cameraman, Driver, Fantastic
  • Heidi Lathrop – Mission Possible Coordinator
  • Tom Leary – Small Group Leader, Driver
  • Andrew Lee – Small Group Leader, Driver
  • Jen Lofquist-Lee – Driver, Volunteer
  • Mary Nowinski – Snack Volunteer Organizer, VBS Volunteer
  • Thresa O’Neill – Youth Mission Leader
  • Tom O’Neill – VBS Director
  • Mary Petersen – Youth Mission Coordinator
  • Priya Punnoose – Small Group Leader
  • Marcia Rugen – Special Episode Coordinator, Youth Mission Leader
  • Joe Sharp – Event Coordinator, Volunteer
  • Sam Sharp – Small Group Leader, Driver
  • Miriam Turner – Special Episode Small Group Leader
  • Various others . . . .

Special Events (in addition to weekly meetings)

  • Summer post-VBS events:  Bowling, Ice Cream night, Movie night, Adventures in tubing at Harper’s Ferry, Hiking trips to Sugarloaf Mountain
  • Fall kick-off Youth Picnic
  • Youth retreat via the Shrine Mont parish retreat
  • Prepared and distributed food, and cleaned for the Saint Matthew’s Thanksgiving Day meal
  • Youth Christmas Party, Caroled the neighborhood inviting people to Saint Matthew’s Christmas services

Major Activities, Events, or Accomplishments in 2013:

  • Launched Sunday Night Live: a structured weekly program for youth, based on lessons and insights from the Drive Conference in Atlanta
  • Created branding and recognition for “SNL” in the form of visuals and buzz
  • Developed purposeful content and a calendar for delivery
  • Motivated and equipped small groups
  • Saw average attendance grow to the low 20s as a result of SNL
  • Honed online presence
  • Organized two “Episcobowls,” growing from about 35 competitors to over 60. •
  • Enthusiastically accomplished High School mission work in Philadelphia and Middle School mission work in NoVA and DC. •
  • Attended CreationFest and Busch Gardens, and had events at Reston Town Center, Lazer Nation, and various movie theaters. •
  • Organized mountain bike rides and local hikes, including one to baptize an SNL member in the Potomac River. •
  • Spent time with families at various sporting events, concerts, and plays. •
  • Built a team of enthusiastic leaders and volunteers.

Goals and Objectives for 2016

  • Launch worship as an aspect of SNL
  • Incorporate service into SNL
  • Identify and develop weekly game/activity volunteer
  • Continue to recruit leaders
  • Find alternate High School guys leader
  • Supplement leadership as demographics grow
  • Grow SNL, with intent to split middle and high school
  • Break 50 in attendance at SNL
  • Reach 35 Average Sunday Attendance in 2016
  • Take 25 kids on the Pittsburgh Mission Trip

Join Us!

If you are interested in helping out with Youth Leadership, please reach out to Joe Sharp.  We could really use your help!