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Strategic Plan

We Are the People of
Saint Matthew's Episcopal Church

We are a community shaped and motivated by vision and mission -

Our Vision

To live life at its fullest in Christ

Our Mission

  • To know and share God's love through the following actions:
  • Do all in our power, and then some, to foster, nourish, and sustain authentic, living relationships with God in Christ
  • Build a community devoted to becoming one human family in pursuit of God's dream for us
  • Promote personal growth so that, with God's leading, help, and grace, we will more fully realize our God-given potential and purpose
  • Embrace the highest standards - as individuals, families, and a church - of love, dedication, honesty, integrity, and service

We Pursue Our Vision in These Key Areas:

  • Community
  • Reverence
  • Outreach
  • Spiritual Formation
  • Stewardship

As may be seen, the initial letters of these areas spell CROSS.  We are shaped and motivated by Jesus, who gave his life on the cross for us and the world so that we, knowing and sharing God's love in concrete ways, might live life to its fullest in him.

We Focus on These Strategic Aims in Living Out Our Mission:

  • Excellence in Worship
  • Raise More Leaders
  • Better Use of Technology
  • Enhance Youth Ministry
  • Serve More People